Astra GTE Fireball Super Hydrophobic


Unfortunately, this Astra got an ouchie before it came to us, so when it arrived we sent it off to Kraftwork Chelmsford, to have the tailgate repaired.

There was also a patch of damage on the sill with some surface rust that needed attention.

The car was polished all over, and then coated with Fireball Super Hydrophobic, a polymer based coating which we think is wonderful. Ceramic coatings are all the rage, meaning polymer coatings have taken a back seat in recent years, but this sealant from Fireball is absolutely amazing when it comes to shine and hydrophobicity. It is exceptional at repelling water, so when it rains, the water just rolls off, taking most of the dirt with it. Your car stays cleaner for longer, and you only need clean it about half as much.

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