Audi A4 | Matrix Blue Ceramic Coating


This Audi A4 is 5 years old and the customer decided to keep the car and treat it to a polish and ceramic coating, because he likes it.

It has a few scratches and stone chips, so it's certainly not a new car. If you wanted to go to the nth degree, you could respray the door and blend the paint into the other two doors, and respray the nose to get rid of stone chips, but the costs of that would quickly mount up. Instead, the customer has decided on having the car polished to remove all the scratches and prevent further deterioration by protecting the paint with a ceramic coating.

The ceramic coating he has chosen is Matrix Blue, a 3-year coating. We will clay the car, remove contaminant, machine polish it with our 4-stage system and then carefully apply the ceramic coating.

What does polishing a car do?

Polishing is abrasive, it removes the uppermost layer of clear-coat (the varnish which is over your paint), removing oxidized paint, and paint which has fine scratches. If you have slightly deeper scratches, you can polish back even further, but there is only so far you can go before you will polish through. Once your car is polished the car will have a high shine but will be unprotected, so we recommend paint protection such as a ceramic or polymer sealant. At the very least a coating of quality wax. 

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