Audi A6 | Matrix Blue Ceramic Coating


This Audi has had our Matrix Blue ceramic coating. Ceramic paint protection coatings cover your car in a microscopic coating which is as hard as glass.

As part of the package we machine polish the paintwork, removing scratches and oxidization, then seal in the goodness with a ceramic coating. As is pointed out in the video, dirt and grit builds up in the gaps, and we take care to detail your car so all these hidden areas are addressed. Detailing your car and preparing the paintwork before applying the car paint protection, is an essential step to making your car like new again. 

Matrix Blue is just one of a range of coatings we offer with this one lasting 3 years. We run special offers through the year so don't miss out - check our special offers page for great deals on ceramic coatings.

What is the best professional car ceramic coating?

Speaking as a professional, the best professional coatings are those with reliable suppliers. It also helps if they share our values, are generous and understands our needs (I know, sounds like something you would write on a dating app).  Provides a good guarantee and customer support to the end user. It's also great if they are fairly easy to apply, because these products are not to be taken lightly. The harder they are to apply, the greater the chance of something going wrong, and nobody wants that!

As for the end result, we have tried a lot of them, and there is no clear winner and opinions vary. It's a bit like asking which is the best football team -- if they are in the Premier League they are all world-class and will run rings around your local pub team. The polishing and preparation of the car is a much bigger factor in the end result than the ceramic. 

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