Audi Q5 | Matrix Black Ceramic Coating


Another customer who has had a ceramic coating, this time our flagship coating, Matrix Black, which is mega-shiny!

This ceramic coating has a high level of "hydrophobic" which is "self-cleaning". You do still have to clean it, but not nearly as often as you normally would as water and dirt cannot stick to the slick, smooth surface, which the car gets wet, the water just rolls off taking any dirt with it.

The glass-like coating is also really tough giving in scratch resistance, so not only is this car now shinier than when it was brand new, but it will stay that way for eight years. For want of a better way of describing it, it's like a glass coating. We highly recommend ceramic paint protection coatings for new cars to keep them looking new. But if your car is already a few years old, don't worry, we can still polish your car, so it's like new again and give it a ceramic coating.

How long does ceramic coating last?

The ceramic coatings we offer really are like a coat of glass and the promise to last anywhere up to 10 years. Should you believe these claims? While ceramic coatings have not been around in the automotive industry all that long, so it's hard to say for sure how they look after 10 years, our many years of experience with polymer coatings tell us that if cared for reasonably, coatings can last many times longer than the manufacturers guarantee. 

They are still a sacrificial layer, they will receive wear over the years and will lose some of their lustre. However, there are top-up products available and there's no real reason you couldn't keep them going for many years past warranty.

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