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Before we can apply a ceramic coating, we need to make your car like new again. Sometimes it isn't enough to just polish the paintwork.

Before this BMW could have our four stage polish, the front end needed attention. The front bumper was replaced and the front wings repainted. It isn't that unusual for us to do this for customers, especially if they have a car with lots of stone chips, it pays to have a nose cone respray.

If you look at other examples of cars we have done, you will also see us mention doing a smart repair to a corner, remove a dent, or sometimes we have some scratches to buff out.

We can also do wonders with convertible roofs, cloudy headlights and scuffed wheels, and that's just the exteriors. We also repair carpets and leather seats. When we say we can make your car like new again, it's no idle boast. 

But what really makes a car shine is a ceramic coating paint protection. Once you have your car all polished up and looking like new, (or better than new) a ceramic coating will seal in the goodness, keep it fresh and protect it from the elements. This particular car had its paint protected with Fireball Dok Do but we have a range of coatings, something for everybody. 

Is it worth polishing my car?

If your car is covered in micro-scratches, wash marks and oxidized paint, it will make it look old. You might not even notice until you see it on a very sunny day or park next to a new car. When you compare you will see it's not nearly so shiny a bright as when you got it. By polishing your car it makes it like new again, which is great when you come to sell it because you'll get more money, but it's even better to have a shiny new car for all the years you own it.

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