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This Volkswagen Beetle Convertible came to us to have the hood cleaned and re-waterproofed. I think we all fell in love with this car while it was here, more-so once it was done.

Volkswagen Beetle convertible dirty roofBeetle Convertible Roof Specialist Cleaning
Regular roof cleaning and re-waterproofing protects your cabriolet hood and makes it last the life of the car.

Cleaning your convertible roof prevents wear

Moss and lichen can grow on the dirt which sits in your fibres, and once it gets wet provides a perfect environment for agriculture, lots of phosphates, plenty of sun, it's ideal for a range of flora but not really what you want as a car owner. A more serious problem is that that dirt and dust is abrasive and over time will act like a liquid sandpaper on your hood as you put your roof up and down. You are effectively stone washing your roof. Over time, it will wear all they way through and cause firstly striping and eventually holes.

So a hood requires fairly regular maintenance and receive a deep clean every couple of years using the appropriate roof cleaners, at which point a new hydrophobic coating can be re-applied which repels water and prevents your hood getting sopping wet. If after it rains, your hood feels sopping wet, you have no protective coating, and it's time to get it done. If it's damp, but not wet, you are probably good for a while longer. 

Cabriolet maintenance to prevent leaks

This customer also opted to have us clean out all the drains, unblock the pipes which channel the water run-off out of the bottom of the car. And also had us treat the car with a rubber reviver and conditioner, so it's all sealed up and water-proof... because if your convertible is leaking, which they are prone to do, it's probably because of blocked drainage or the rubber seals around the hood and window are perished and/or dirty.

The customer took advantage of a special offer we had on and also had AutoGlym's newest three month was which looks rather nice. Call us today about Convertible Roof Cleaning and Restoration.

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