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This customer has bought a car which has the smell of smoke in it. He had taken it somewhere to have it valeted, but this didn't get rid of the smell, so he brought the car to New Again.

Car valeting generally doesn't get rid of smells on its own, although it can reduce them significantly. The smell is coming from ash which has got into hard to reach places, and tar which coats every hard surface. 

The first job is to blast out all the debris, ash and dust from gaps between the leather seats, inside the pockets and fixtures and those places where it's hard to get a vacuum cleaner such as along the bottoms of windscreens, and if you can't suck it out, you can blow it out, while applying deodorant at the same time.

All the hard surfaces, including leather, are washed down after being deodorized, and the car is fogged twice. 

We use both wet and dry foggers to fill the car with a fine fog of antibacterial, anti-microbial, deodorant or other appropriate product to get in every gap and treat whatever is causing the odour. We aren't just filling your car with a fragrance which would only mask bad smells. The key to cigarette smoke odour removal is removing the source of the smell, and neutralizing what you can't reach with professional deodorants.

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