Convertible Roof Clean | BMW M3 Video

Convertible Roof Clean | BMW M3

He is an example of a BMW with a hood which is fairly dirty, and although the roof has a few signs of wear, it's pretty clean underneath.

We have to admit it, we lost the ending video for this, however this is a car that James was gushing over, and he filmed himself some footage which we were able to use. 

As you can just about see from the end footage, the roof cleaned up well. The customer decided to take advantage of a special offer we had on at the time and had AutoGlym's new hybrid sealant on the paintwork.  We would have loved to have done more on this car, it has a few dents and scuffs on the bodywork, and the wheels could do with refurbishment. This would have made a lovely little project... however the customer wasn't ready to do it at this time. That's fair enough, we don't do hard-sell at New Again -- maybe next time. I'm sure James would enjoy doing it, he has a passion for BMWs.

We are a convertible roof specialist with over 35 years experience cleaning and re-waterproofing soft-tops, we can also carry out minor repairs.

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