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This time it's a brand new Ford Edge that's had a ceramic coating. The customer opted for Fireball Butterfly which is a 5-year ceramic coating.

Even though the car is brand new, we go through a process of machine polishing and paintwork correction. Unlike Ye Olde days when a car would be polished at the factory after many coats of paint lovingly applied by master craftsmen called Dave at Dagenham, these days cars are usually given a coat of paint by a robot which doesn't drink nearly as much tea or go on strike quite so often. The paint is good, but the clear coat isn't as shiny as it could be.

Ford Edge with Fireball Butterfly Ceramic Coating
Fireball Ceramic Sealant. Wheels coated too!

There's also the issue that cars are transported about, often near railway lines where they can pick up contamination called rail dust which is tiny metal particles which rust on your paintwork. And then at the dealership they will be washed but not always with the best care, so there's a chance swirl marks are introduced. 

So the car is washed, rubbed down with a clay bar to remove contaminants, and then machine polished in a multiple stage process of ever finer buffing pads attached to a random orbital polisher.  Once we are certain the paintwork has a mirror finish, we carefully apply the ceramic coating.

...but you aren't interested in any of that. We should be telling you what you get out of having a ceramic coating. The pictures speak for themselves -- the car is amazingly glossy. And it is just as slick as it looks, in fact it's so slick that water has a job clinging to it, so it just rolls right off taking dirt and dust with it, so although it will get dirty, and you do still need to wash it, it stays cleaner for longer. You should only have to wash it half as much and when you do, it's easy.

Because ceramic is rock hard, the coating resists wash marks and micro-scratches which make your car look dull and old. Your car looks newer for longer so when you come to sell it, you'll get more money for it. 

Fireball Butterfly is our 5-year ceramic coating and is guaranteed to keep your car looking new for at least that long, although we  tend to think these coatings do much more than they say on the tin and last longer. It's sounds like wizardry, but it's not. It's science. Even so, the results are magical. 

How do I wash my car after a ceramic coating?

There's only one way to wash any car -- Properly!

The more gentle you are when you wash your car, the less likely you are to introduce this fine little scratches that make your car look old. However, you can't have cleaning without 'agitation' and no matter how soft the wash mitt or brush you use, the grit which is on your car, which you are trying to get off is scratchy. 

Ceramic coatings are scratch resistant, but not scratch proof, so it's better to use wash techniques which minimize scratches. There are plenty of videos online showing you how to do this, many of them go way over the top for the average user because enthusiasts tend to go to extreme lengths to avoid scratches. But there is a balance. Be sensible.

In the end, all washing has the potential to introduce micro-scratches to your car, but whatever method you use, you'll get fewer scratching with a ceramic paint protection.

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