Ford Focus | Fireball Super Hydro Sealant


This car came in for water leaks but having had the car put right, the customer decided to make it like new again and take advantage of the special offer we had on ceramic coatings and nano-sealants.

While this isn't a ceramic coating, Fireball Super Hydro is an amazingly good polymer sealant with near magical hydrophobic properties. Fireball Super Hydrophobic is a polymer based nano-coating which lasts up to 2 years.

New Again have many years experience with polymer sealants and have used all the major brands, and although we swear by them, we have found that nothing comes close to Fireball Super Hydrophobic, and its claim of being 'Next Generation Advanced Technology'.

✔️ A non-stick coating for your car. Superb hydrophobic properties meaning your car stays cleaner for longer and is easier to wash.
✔️ Creates a tough barrier which helps resist scratches and wash-marks.
✔️ Resistant to oxidization, pollutants and environmental contaminates which age your car's paintwork.
✔️ Keeps your car looking new and shiny the whole time you own it, helping to maintain its value.

Before we can apply any kind of car paint protection, the car needs to be detailed and then machine polished. Any protective coating you put on your car will seal in the condition of the paintwork as it is, so the car needs to be polished perfection.  To make things easier, the standard polishing process and all the preparation work is included in the price of the sealant package and makes a greater part of the cost.

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