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The interesting vehicle is a Japanese import, unlike most of the Honda's we see, which usually have only come as far as Swindon.

The car came to us for a ceramic coating, so we set about the usual procedure washing the car, claying the car, and we began the process of machine polishing it.

Yes, we even polish new cars because a ceramic coating will seal in what you have. Paintwork isn't actually polished at the factory and although already shiny it can be made shinier by polishing, which will also remove any wash marks picked up at the dealership or during transportation.

So we began polishing it, and that's when we ran into problems. It was almost like our polishing compounds were soaking into the paintwork. Our attempts at polishing just made the finish look milky.

So we did a little research and found out that in Asia and America where they more commonly import cars from Asia, this phenomenon is well-known and called 'sticky paint'. We have run across soft paint before, but not quite like this. Lots of products were recommended for overcoming the problem, none of which we had, but eventually we were able to find information about a polishing technique which worked for us. Unfortunately we had run out of time, and we were into the bank-holiday weekend. So the customer had to take the unpolished car because he needed it for his weekend break.

But we got the car back again and this time hit the ground running. The car was given our four stage machine polish and then treated with Fireball Dok Do 7 year ceramic coating.

How do you apply ceramic coating?

We apply it with a dense, soft foam applicator. But that is only part of the process, before this the paintwork needs to be prepared. A soap is used to clean the paint and remove any old wax, a clay bar is used to remove any contaminates, and then the paintwork is wiped down with a solvent as if we were going to repaint the car. Then begins the machine polishing and paintwork correction, where we polish the car to a high shine before wiping it down with alcohol again.  Only then do we apply the ceramic coating, carefully with great diligence.

There is a procedure to do each kind of application, it needs to be done in a controlled environment, not too hot, not too cold, no wind, no moisture, and there is a window of time between putting the coating on and taking it off which can't be missed. If the procedure isn't followed exactly, things can go wrong. Thankfully we are well practised and things seldom do.

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