Land Rover Lustrous Graphene Coating


This Land Rover is the first vehicle we have used the SiRamik Lustrous Graphene Coating on. It certainly looks good.

There has been a lot of hype about graphene coatings, and a lot of backlash, which is understandable. When a new technology arrives in the car-care world, there is always a rush to market for companies to release their latest and newest product where they can stick the buzzword on the label, whether the product works or not. Many unscrupulous companies will sprinkle in a little graphene and call it a graphene product. Technically, it contains graphene, but chances are it does little more than lighten your wallet.

Graphene - What's the hype?

Graphene sheet is a new wonder-product which is, however, graphene, the same as you have in a pencil, except it's processed into sheets. In theory, it is so strong, that if you could make a strap out of it, you could use it to suspend a baby, despite the strap being just one molecule thick. It's also something of a super-conductor... none of which does anything to make your car shiny.

The trick is to get these tiny, molecule thick sheets of graphene to bond to each other and bond to the car. It's easy enough to put graphene into a car polish (which anyone could buy as graphene nanoplatelet aggregate), but to make it a proper, effective coating is a whole other story.

We don't know how SiRamik did it, but we are pretty sure they have done it because we have seen that when the water beads up on the car, it forms hexagonal patterns, which happens to mimic the shape of the graphene molecules, indicating that the graphene has ordered its self into a continuous sheet. We have confidence that SiRamik Lustrous is the real deal.

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