Lexus NX300h | End-of-Lease Inspection

Lexus NX300h | End-of-Lease Inspection

This Lexus is in pretty good condition, but it still has a number of scratches and dents around it. This video is part of a report we make up for the customer after the inspection.

When Gary says they are nothing serious, he doesn't mean they won't be charged. What he means is they aren't going to be too hard to repair and shouldn't be too expensive. Once we have a list of all the problems on the car, we can look at them in totality and make up an action plan about what to do. We will be aiming to do the most cost-effective repairs to get the customer under the threshold. Lease companies won't charge for every little thing if the totality of the damage falls under a certain figure. For example, they always charge based on the cost or repair-and-repaint for a whole panel if there is any damage on it.  So if we can polish out a scratch, which is far cheaper than a body-shop repair, it makes sense for us to do it. If you get charged for a scuff on a wheel, they will usually charge you the trade-price for repair, meaning, it isn't worth going to do wheel refurbishment first.

You can make the biggest savings on things like carpet repairs, as a repair can be very inexpensive, but the lease company would probably charge you the cost of a replacement carpet. There are also very high charges for things like missing spare keys and locking wheel nuts. 

When we do an end-of-lease inspection, we check everything and put together a plan to ensure you pay the minimum.  

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