Maserati Prepared for Sale

Maserati Prepared for Sale

We thought we would share this video with you because the first part is video where we are talking to the customer.

This not only explains why we are doing what we decide to do, but you can also see we keep the customer informed every step of the way and give them options to help them save money.

We always approach a car, keeping in mind what the customer wants to achieve. This car belonged to a friend of one of our long-time customers and was recommended to us. When he brought the car to us, he had it in mind that he wanted to tidy it up to sell. Although we think that a car like this would look good with a ceramic coating and all the bells and whistles, we know that the customer wants to strike that perfect balance, spending as little money as possible to get the car into VGC when checked against the price guides.

Interiors are important when selling a car, but this car was actually very clean, so we gave it a vac and conditioned the leather, which we threw in for free as the customer was spending quite a bit of money with us.

The rear bumper was damaged and so the car was sent off to Kraftwork for repair. The damage behind the bumper was fairly extensive and would have required putting on a jig to get it 100% perfect, however they were able to get the bumper within a couple of millimetres of perfect and there was nothing dangerous about it. If the frame of the car is twisted and the car is crabbing, then obviously this would have been required.

You can see we also give the customer the option to try to source parts direct. This can complicate matters for us, and it is certainly easier for us to just call up a parts company and have same-day delivery, but who doesn't want to save money? Parts for prestige cars can be incredibly expensive. We replaced the rear light and some missing parts that were in and around the boot area. 

The wheels have a few scuffs which really needed to be rectified. There are several ways you can do this; you could send the wheels off to be stripped down and repainted, which is time consuming and expensive, or you can repair just the face.

It isn't always possible to repair just rims or face of a wheel, but on black wheels like these it can be done here on-site, saving the customer more money.

We polished the headlights, replaced the numberplates, and of course we polished the car. It had a four stage buff and was then coated with an 18-month sealant, because the first thing any potential buyer will notice is the paintwork, so it is always worth availing yourself of a professional car polishing service if you are selling your car. They will expect an Italian sports car to look like the car of their dreams, because that's what people are generally buying into. 

The irony is that we will be handing back this dream car to the person who already owns it. It's at this stage that our customers often change their mind and decide not to sell. It happens often!

If that happens to be the case, and had we known they wanted to restore the car to keep, then we might have done things differently, but not much differently. They might want to come back in a year and have a longer lasting protective coating on the paintwork and leather, but otherwise it's all good. This is a car anyone would be proud to be seen in. 

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