Matrix Black Ceramic Coating - Volvo XC40


Here's Sarah's XC40, it's just a few months old, and we are going to give it ceramic coating paint protection. We are going to put on arguably the best one we do, Matrix Black.

The car is only a few months old, but even so the car's needs to be machine-polished before we can apply the protective sealant. Every car is polished because if there are any micro-scratches or wash marks these will be sealed in by the coating.

The video really doesn't do this car justice. It's a metallic white with lots of colour in it, and it looked good even before we put the coating on, but Matrix black really made those colours come out.
Gary tells you a little about the benefits of having a ceramic coating, and we think Matrix Black is a superb choice.

We really can't sing the praises of ceramic coatings loud enough. If you are interested in what they can do for you, or if you should have any doubts, please take a look at our Definitive Guide to Ceramic Sealants. We hope this will answer all your questions, if not, please don't hesitate to ask. 

Is applying a ceramic coating difficult?

It's not difficult, but it demands great care and attention, and there is a procedure which needs to be followed. There is a margin of error with these products, it isn't' very wide, there is a sheer drop and no handrail.

However, our team are all fully trained in both paintwork correction, machine polishing, and application of ceramic coatings. They are well practised.

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