Matrix Blue Ceramic Coating | Audi A5


We highly recommend ceramic coating for new cars. This Audi A5 Convertible came to us straight from the dealer, so we could put paint protection on it before it could pick up any wash marks or scratches.

It seems more impressive when we show that we have taken a ten-year-old car and transform the paintwork, turning it from a car which is dull and worn into something which catches the eye, but it's important to say that it's far better to prevent a car getting to that state in the first place. And during the time you own it, you can benefit from reduced maintenance because you have a car so shiny, the dirt literally has problems sticking to it.

We recommend all new cars have some kind of protective coating. If you are likely to trade it in after 3 years, then Matrix Blue 3 Year Ceramic Coating is ideal for you.

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