Matrix Blue Ceramic Coating - Ford RS


Here's another car, this one has had a three year ceramic sealant. This time it's Matrix Blue, it's super glossy, easier to clean, and as it creates a hard ceramic glass-like protective coating over the car, it makes it hard to scratch.

Ceramic coatings are harder than the paint which makes it resilient to swirl marks. It's also super hydrophobic so water rolls straight off taking the dirt with it. You will find you only have to clean your car half as often with a ceramic coating because it stays cleaner for longer. And you get the benefit of having a super shiny car. Matrix Blue 3 year Ceramic Coating is an excellent choice.

We know! Ceramic Sealants seem like magic, they sound too good to be true. We were sceptical too and did a lot of research on the subject because, it isn't enough to know they work, we wanted to know how they worked, and of course, we wanted to be able to answer our customer's questions honestly. So we got all the information together and wrote what we think is the definitive guide to ceramic sealants

We detailed and polished the car before we apply the protective paint sealant to remove any wash marks, swirl marks and micro scratches because the ceramic coating will seal in the finish you have, which is why we polish even new cars. Basic preparation work and machine polishing is included in the price. For used cars that come to us with excessive paint marring or damage, we can carry out paintwork correction


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