Mercedes ML320 CDI | Fireball Ceramic Coating


This Mercedes has done 100k miles and shows its age, but the customer decided to keep the car, so we will give it a polish and apply a ceramic coating.

Car Polishing - Buffer marks
These are buffer marks, or swirl marks. They are the result of tiny scratches left after a car is machine polished incorrectly.

The car has a lot of swirl marks, plus a few scrapes, so before we can polish the car a couple of smart repairs were done. We did our new four stage buffing system which uses random orbital polishers which does much to prevent the kind of swirl marks, or buffer marks that were left by whoever polished this previously. There were a few scratches which needed to be wet-sanded, a process where we sand back the clear-coat beyond the depth of the scratch, either to remove the scratch completely or reduce it. Once the paintwork was all cleaned up and polished, we applied Fireball Dok Do, a long-lasting coating. In the video Gary says it lasts 7 years, but we actually guarantee it for 8 years... at the moment. These products have not been around long enough for us to know for sure how long they will last, we suspect they will actually last far longer.

The customer had already had the wheels refurbished recently, so we didn't have to do anything about those, but they were given a coating of ceramic to help protect them.

The car also had our Double Deep Clean, where we detail the interior, shampooing the carpets with an extractor, we dry it all, so we can see the progress. And then we do it all over again. 

Car Polishing - Ceramic Coating
A ceramic coating only protects the paint, it doesn't hide buffer marks or other blemishes so it is essential to polish the car to a flawless mirror finish.

While we can repair minor wear to leather car seats on site, this one unfortunately had a large hole in the side panel, so it was sent off to our trimmer who takes out the seat, removes the leather cover, unpicks the stitching and then sews in a new replacement leather panel. This is the only real leather repair option for this kind of wear. Once that is done, the whole seat can be recoloured.

With all this done, the only issue was the seatbelt, and the customer said they would order a new one at a later date through their mechanic.

So there you have it, it's almost like a new car. It's certainly cheaper than buying a new car, and some people just love their old car. Most cars these days are very mechanically reliable and will just run and run, so we are usually replacing cars because they look cosmetically tired. The manufacturers are tempting us into buying new cars by adding lots of electronic computer wizardry, but this isn't appealing to everyone. For some of us it makes a lot of sense to make the car we are comfortable with like new again. 

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