Mini Cabriolet | Roof Clean Video

Mini Cabriolet | Roof Clean

This Convertible Mini is here to have its hood cleaned and reproofed. We will also Krytox all the rubbers and flush out all the drains.

Convertible cars usually don't have door pillars or frames around the windows. Instead, the windows but-up against rubbers, which it relies on to form a good seal to prevent water ingress. 

Before and after photos of mini roof clean
Before and after roof clean and reproof

Over time, these rubbers dry out and become compressed, allowing water to seep in. The water is dirty, which compounds the problem. So we clean the rubbers and treat them with Krytox which plumps them up and makes them supple again.

The other difference with cabriolets is they have extra drainage, gutters and pipes, underneath at the rear of the hood. These can and typically do get blocked over time, causing water to leak into your car. If you find the windows of your convertible are steaming up, it's probably because your car is leaking water, either around the windows or from and overflowing drain.

This Mini's hood was not too dirty and hardly showed any sign of wear at all, so it was an easy clean and after the application of our 2-year hydrophobic nano-coating it looked as good as new. The only concern was the ripped rubber on the rear trim.

This is absolutely normal on Minis and if you look back through our other videos, you'll see almost all of them have splitting, cracking and deformation of this piece. The part is readily available, not too expensive and held on by just a few screws, so it's easy to replace. Which is what we recommend doing.

We had a special offer on when this hood was refurbished, so the customer got an exterior detail with a special wax coating.

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