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This is the video you have all been waiting for. A ceramic coating on a white van! Oh, we know you would rather see videos of us doing a Porsche or an Aston-Martin, but the fact is, there's far more to ceramic coatings than just a lovely shine for new sports cars.

Ceramic coatings are entirely practical, so we really want to rave about the benefits of putting them on commercial vehicles, which can be quite a large investment, and deserve protection, especially when the image your company is trying to project is important to you.

This vehicle belongs to a sandwich shop and delivers lunch to people in offices around Chelmsford. So when people go to pick up their pastrami on rye, or bacon-butty, they rightfully expect the van to be as clean as any kitchen. Time is money, and the less time spent cleaning, the earlier you can get home to watch Spurs on the telly. 

A ceramic coating will help keep this van looking clean, even on those rainy English winter days. The proof is in the pudding, as we have coated previous vans for this company, and it works, which is why they came back for a second helping.

We also used some other coatings and speciality sealants to ensure that the wheels and refrigeration unit were well protected. One of the problems with bolting units onto a van is the holes they have to drill, which can get rusty over time, as the van was not specifically designed to let water drain away in these places.

We do a fair number of commercial vehicles, and there are options, depending on how long you intend to keep the vehicle. If you are leasing for three years, we have three-year coatings.  If you are keeping the vehicle for longer, we have long-lasting coatings.

If you happen to be wondering which brand of ceramic coating we put on this particular van... it was one we purchased as a sample, to try it out. It was very good, but it's not something we currently stock.

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