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This car came in for a tidy-up and ended up having a ceramic coating on top of the other work.

The convertible roof was given a clean and treated with a nano-coating which is a hydrophobic coating using nano-technology, lasting longer than our standard coating. All the rubbers were treated as part of the hood cleaning process. We also polished the headlights which had yellowed.

Fireball Dok Do is our 7+ year ceramic coating, a no-nonsense product which is very popular because of it's ease of maintenance. We polished this car to within an inch of its life, removing any scratches and oxidization then coated  the paintwork. Ceramic coatings can also be put on your wheels, glass, metalwork and just about anything else you fancy. 

How long does ceramic coating last on a car?

This one lasts a 7+ years, at least that's what the manufacturers say. We have a range we use which carry manufacturers guarantees from one to eight years. However, in our opinion, they do much more than it says on the tin. 

It is hard to say how well they perform over time because they haven't been around that long. The first ceramic paint protection coatings we saw were about 15 years ago, but the ceramic coatings you get now are not the same as they were back then. So how can you say that they will last 8 years when they have barely been around that long?

Before ceramic sealants, we were applying polymer sealants and have done so since the early 1990s. These were generally guaranteed to last around 3 years. Over this time we had customers bring their cars back to us year after year, so we witnessed that they lasted far beyond what the manufacturer was suggesting. It was not uncommon for us to see cars which had been coated ten years prior which still looked glossy. There was one particular car, which having been well cared for, still looked good after 17 years.  That is almost six times longer than the product promised.

In our opinion, ceramic coatings are far more durable than polymer coatings. So if polymer coatings will stand the test of time, we have no doubt ceramic coatings will be every bit as good. But any coating is a "sacrificial barrier" and will lose effectiveness over time. There are products to give them a top-up, and it will pay you to maintain them with care - don't clean your car with dish soap and a broom! 

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