Porsche Boxter | Headlight Restoration

Porsche Boxter | Headlight Restoration

Headlights on a Porsche can be very expensive to replace once the plastic cover becomes tarnished and goes yellow. We can restore them with our 6-stage headlight polishing system.

Headlight restoration will save the customer a boat load of money, ensures the car will pass the MOT, and make the car look pretty again. 

This Porsche has been to us several times before and on a previous visit we treated the car with Matrix Black ceramic coating, so it will wash easily and keep its shine. Today it's having Reloaded, which is a top-up product for the ceramic coating, so it will look extra glossy.

It's also having its cabriolet roof cleaned and reproofed, as the customer parks under a tree, so the car collects lots of dirt, bird dropping and organic matter. Once the roof is cleaned, it's given a protective hydrophobic coating to weatherproof it and keep the hood dry. If the water rolls off, the roof doesn't stay soggy, so there is less chance for things to grow on it. The coating is also antifungal and prevents it from rotting. 


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