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This customer wanted to protect his new car and asked us about new car paint protection. We recommended our best ceramic coating, Matrix Black from Autosmart.

We think it's a fantastic idea to protect your car from new in order to keep your car looking shiny and new. For years, we have boasted that we can make your car look better than new -- even a brand-new car can benefit from machine polishing because this is something they no longer do at the factory (they used to many decades ago). Although a car like this won't have many scratches or wash marks to remove, it will have some and buffing the car will give it just that bit better of a shine.

Porsche Taycan Matrix Black Ceramic Coating
Matrix Black Ceramic Coating

It's worth it because a ceramic coating is like a coating of glass over the top, ceramic is literally rock hard and as well as giving it a protective scratch-resistant coating, it makes it super smooth and slick looking. 

Matrix Black enriches colour, clarifying metallic particles, video really doesn't do it justice.

How Much Does Ceramic Coating Cost?

Because you can't put a ceramic coating on a car until the paintwork has been prepared, we sell our coatings as a package which includes machine polishing, removing scratches and restoring the paintwork. Obviously there isn't so much work to do on a new car like this Porsche Taycan, which is why we have two sets of prices, one for new cars and one for used cars. It will cost a little less if the car comes to us in pristine condition, but the paintwork still need some work as ceramic coatings can't be applied over any traces of wax or polish, so prep still needs to be done regardless of the age of your car or the type of ceramic coating you are having on it. Besides, the paintwork on your brand-new car is raw, it is self-levelling paint straight out of the spray gun. It is shiny as it is, but it will be even more shiny once it has been polished. When detailers tell you they can polish your car so that it's shinier than brand new, it's no idle boast. 

So with that part out of the way, the cost will depend on what coating you want. You probably won't choose to pay extra for an 8-year coating if you know you are only keeping the car for a year. We have a range of coatings from 1 to 8+ years, so there's something for everyone's budged.

See our website for more information about our range of ceramic coatings and paint protection sealants. We run special offers on coating throughout the year so don't miss out and check our special offers page.

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