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This gentleman decided to have his Rangerover Sport given a clean-up and polish, and that's what we do, we make cars like new again.

This car was coated with Autoglym SHD, their best wax (They do a ceramic sealant coating called SHDC which we also carry). But as they say, "you can't put lipstick on a pig", and even if you put the finest wax coating over rough paintwork, it won't look good. 

car paint polishing - paintwork correction
Paintwork Correction

The secret to a super-glossy high shine like this is paintwork correction. We used our four stage polishing system to remove the uppermost layer of the clear-coat which contains fine scratches and oxidization. Deeper scratches and etching receiving close attention and wet sanding where necessary, a process where we sand back the paintwork before buffing out the sanding marks.

The final stages are done with a random orbital polisher to avoid buffing marks which can appear like light smears or 'holograms' which are in fact tiny micro scratches left by the polishing action.

Only when we have wiped down the car with alcohol and examined it under harsh light, and we are sure the polish is perfection do we apply a protective coating of wax over the top. A good quality wax or ceramic sealant will then add depth, clarity and a vibrancy to the colour of the paintwork.

Is polishing bad for your car's paint?

Polishing removes the upper-most layer of oxidized and scratched paint. The more you polish, the more you remove. It is possible to polish right through, but if done properly it will leave your car with a mirror finish which can then be protected with a ceramic coating. And that's a good thing!

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