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This Mini came into us with a few problems. It had a bit of a leak, there was condensation inside the car and there was some assumption that the convertible roof was leaking.

Roofs don't often leak, at least not the actual roof part, usually it's the additional exotic drainage systems they have that get blocked. Or the rubbers shrink, harden and get dirty where the roof meets the windscreen or around the windows which unlike other cars are missing their door pillars.

This is nothing we can't handle, we do lots of these as part of our Leak Detection Service. A bigger problem long term is the state of the roof. As they age, the hydrophobic coating which keeps the hood dry begins to wear off. The hood stays wetter for longer, dirt gets into it and things begin to grow. The fabric outer layer of the roof (which isn't actually the waterproof bit, it's just for show) will then begin to rot, wear and perish.

This doesn't look good on your car while you own it, and when you come to sell it nobody will want to buy it. Conversely, convertible cars with hoods in good condition are sought after and command higher prices at resale. But mainly, it's about it looking good while you own it, after all, that's why you bought a soft top in the first place isn't it? They look cool!

Somebody had tried to blast the dirt out with a pressure washer which is not a good idea. The pressure coming out of those washers is pretty fierce and actually enough to cut through the fabric like a knife. Even getting too close will cause damage. This was really our main concern with this roof, but once we cleaned it, aside from a few slight marks, it generally came up quite well.

Many people think you need to get the hood recoloured,  but re-colouring never looks anywhere as good as the original finish, and we find that once a hood is thoroughly cleaned, it looks a little darker, and then the new hydrophobic coating, although clear, darkens it up and evens things out. 

I think you'll agree, this car looks splendid and at the fraction of the price of a replacement roof.  If your soft top needs a clean and re-waterproofing, give us a call. 

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