Specialist Convertible Roof Cleaning | Mini Cooper Video

Specialist Convertible Roof Cleaning | Mini Cooper

This is just one of two Mini Cooper soft top roofs we have recently cleaned and re-proofed with a waterproof coating.

The other Mini roof we worked on can be seen here

This one is a little overdue and particularly dirty, covered in grime, moss and lichen... but you already know we are specialists at getting them clean, so lets look at the other problems. We have exactly the kind of hole we warn people about on the side when the fabric folds. Dirt and grit is abrasive and so if it's on or in the fabric, your hood is like a piece of emery cloth and will be abrading against its self every time you put it up and down. This is what causes the dark patches where the fabric is all roughed up, and in this case it's caused a hole. This doesn't really let water in because the true waterproof membrane is underneath the upper hood, but a hole is unsightly. We patched it up with what we hope to be a permanent and hard-wearing repair. We have done a couple of these over the last year or so and although not an invisible roof repair, they do seem to hold up, and it's better than having a hole.

On this car we also treated the rubbers with a conditioner to help plump them up so that they create a good seal and don't leak. We'll also clear out all the guttering and drainage holes. 

This convertible hood was then treated with a hydrophobic nano-coating, often called a "reproofer" which repels water and with it, hopefully some of the dirt. The aim of the reproofer isn't actually to create a barrier that is waterproof, it's more to make it dry out quickly, so it isn't wet for a long period, because with the inevitable dirt that will accumulate, the water, it's like driving around with a window box on top of your car. It's a perfect environment for things to grow.  Mould, moss, lichen, we have even found hoods with grass growing on them. 

New Again are Convertible Roof Cleaning Specialists, so if your soft top is looking a little tired, give us a call today and ask what we can do for you.

How long do convertible roofs last?

There is no reason a hood can't last the life of the car if cared for properly. We have cleaned hoods on Porsche 911s and Saabs which are thirty years old. Not to mention Triumph Stags, MG Roadsters, Panther De Villes which were made before many of us were born. There might come a time when to get it truly like new, you really need it replaced by a trimmer, but as long as you don't let it get too bad, you would be amazed at what we can do with a hood. 

Generally speaking, the enemy is wear. You will see holes begin to appear where the hood folds. We also see the stitching rot away on some cars. We also see a lot of damage done by people who have incorrectly cleaned a hood, using harsh chemicals or pressure washers which can tear up a delicate hood.

Our advice is to get your hood professionally cleaned every couple of years, and in-between, get a convertible roof cleaning kit from somebody like Renovo International, and learn to do it yourself by hand. Don't park under trees and if possible, keep your cabriolet garaged. 

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