Toyota C-HR Hybrid | Machine Polishing


This customer wanted us to prepare this Toyota for sale. We gave this car our two-stage machine polish and preformed paintwork correction to a number of the panels to remove scratches.

We can't polish out every scratch, if they are through the paintwork there isn't much can be done, but for light and medium scratches, we can either remove them completely or significantly reduce them, making them far less visible.

However, on this car there were a couple of areas where bird droppings had etched right through the lacquer to the base-coat. This is why we recommend some form of coating. These days, we would recommend a ceramic coating, but even polymer coatings will help to prevent this and other forms of chemical damage. 

Modern cars are generally very mechanically reliable, especially manufactures like Toyota. So the value and desirability of the car is mainly down to cosmetic appearance. It has never been more important to keep your car looking in tip-top condition. Therefore, we highly recommend protecting your car with a coating.

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