Aston-Martin DB11 | Fireball Ceramic Nano-Coating


This car is just new from the dealership. There is washing marks and scratches, we polished them out and gave them a nano-coating.

Lovely Aston Martin DB11. I think we'd all like one of these.

By glass coating the paintwork with a sealant that contains ceramic nano-beads, a hard shell is formed which is harder than the origional paintwork. The coating is glass-like in appearance, very shiny and as well as being tough and durable, is slippery enough to help prevent dirt from sticking to your car. The resultis that your car always looks shiny, gets dirty less often, is easier to clean and the added protection means that you are less likely to suffer from  micro scratches which make you paintwork look aged. 

Learn more about glass coating with ceramic nano sealants.



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