Aston-Martin DB11 | Fireball Ceramic Coating


This car is just new from the dealership. There is washing marks and scratches, we polished them out and gave them a cermaic-coating.

Lovely Aston Martin DB11. I think we'd all like one of these. Even though this car is new from the dealership, it has some scratches which need to be polished out.

Your car isn't polished at the factory, it is coated with self-levelling paint which most people think is shiny enough. From there it is either coated in a thin plastic or transport wax for transportation. Once at the dealership they have a contract detailer removed any protective plastic and waxes, then they wash and wax it. While sitting in the dealership it will collect dust even if it's parked inside, so it will be washed or dusted over and this is when the car can pick up scratches and wash marks. 

When you collect your car, it could have been washed 4-5 times even though it's never been anywhere. So even with new cars, we strip off any wax, wash them down with alcohol and examine the paintwork. We will give it a polish with a random orbital polisher at the very least, ensuring the paintwork is perfect. 

After polishing, this car was treated with Fireball Butterfly, 5-year ceramic paint protection.

By glass coating the paintwork with a ceramic sealant, a hard shell is formed which is harder than the original paintwork. The coating is glass-like in appearance, very shiny and as well as being tough and durable, is slippery enough to help prevent dirt from sticking to your car. The result is that your car always looks shiny, gets dirty less often, is easier to clean, and the added protection means that you are less likely to suffer from  micro scratches which make you paintwork look aged. 

Learn more about glass coating with ceramic sealants, and if you want to know everything there is to know, we have a ceramic coatings guide which answers every question we get asked.

Will polishing remove scratches?

Polishing will remove scratches, but it does this by removing some of the paint. So light scratches only need minimal polishing, but no amount of polishing will remove scratches which have gone right through the paintwork. These are best dealt with using a cosmetic repair or repainting the panel. 

Having said that, most cars have some scratching called wash marks. These build up over time making your car look dull, and will benefit from a machine polish.



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