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This Bentley turbo recently had been given to us for paintwork correction but as it belonged to a friend of ours who owns a body-shop, we decided to put a ceramic coating on it.

He said he thought it could do with "a bit of a polish". So the car was detailed and then machine polished until it was like new again. 

As long as the paintwork is good, and can be polished up to a high standard, you can put ceramic paint protection on new or used cars, although we recommend if you are getting a new car, bring it to us as quickly as you can, so we can seal it while it's still fresh. This will cost you less because we'll have to do far less prep and polishing and that will be reflected in the price.

Ceramic coatings are the latest in coating technology offering the very best protection for your paintwork.  Often called "glass coating", it pays to protect a high-end vehicle like a Bentley, but it makes sense to put them on any car. After all, your car is probably the second-biggest investment you will make regardless of make and model, in the long term it pays to protect it. Due to the glass like finish a ceramic coating gives, it also makes your car stay cleaner for longer, easier to clean and makes it look fantastic.

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Why is ceramic coating so expensive?

Most of the cost is the preparation of the car prior to application of the protective coating. The car needs to be as perfect as it can get. It is labour-intensive and requires diligence and attention to detail. 

Add to this that the product is guaranteed for years, far longer than most people will actually keep the car. And the guarantee is transferable too!

A ceramic coating is great value for money. You will easily get the cost back when you come to sell your car, plus it will be easy to maintain and look amazing the whole time you own it. 

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