Ceramic Sealants & Nano-Coatings Introduction


In this video we give you a quick run-down on the differences between acrylic sealants and the newer ceramic nano-coatings and what the benefits are to applying them to your car.

Using the latest technologies, these products contain ceramic nano-beads which form a tough, durable glass-like coating over your paintwork. There are also coatings for metal, glass and fabric. 

Detailing and Polishing

Ceramic coatings go hard like glass, and once they go on, you can't get them off. They seal in the paintwork underneath, so we need to get the paintwork looking as good as we possibly can, so we machine polish every car, even new ones. Once the car is polished like a mirror, we clean it with alcohol, so there is no polishing residue, not dust and nothing to spoil the finish, then the paint protection is applied. This is the very highest level of car detailing and takes great skill. 

Most manufacturers of professional ceramic coatings insist you take a course and become qualified, so you are accredited. We carry out all final detailing and coating inside our premises, because most won't give accreditation unless you have a controlled environment. Applying ceramic sealants outside is generally not a good idea as there's too much that can go wrong. 

Why have Ceramic Car Paint Protection?

Once you have had it done, you only need to clean your car about half as much. The surface of the paintwork is so shiny and slick, dirt as problems sticking to it, rain water just beads up and rolls off due to the hydrophobic effect.

Washing half as much means half as much opportunity to collect wash marks and micro-scratches which begin to make your car look old. Ceramic coatings are incredibly tough and resistant to that kind of scratching anyway, so your car will stay newer for longer. 

Many people know that when they are selling their car, they will get more money for it if they get it polished up and looking new. There's no argument, this makes perfect sense, but it makes even more sense to keep it looking new and shiny the whole time you own it. You'll still get more money at the end, and have a car that makes you look good while you are driving it. 

Please take a look at our range of polymer paint sealants and ceramic coatings for cars, and if you want to know more about ceramic coatings, please see our guide.

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