Concrete Splatter Removal VW Scirocco


This car has had concrete splatter all over it. It had dried as hard as... concrete! What we've done is cover it in acid, rinse and repeat three times. Acid dissolves the lime and calcium which cement is made from but would take a long time to damage the paintwork.

After we neutralize the acid with a mild caustic soap, we then machine polished the car three times to remove all the scratches left by the sand and grit.

This kind of contamination is fairly comon, and we are practiced in dealing with it. If you get concrete or anything else splatted over your car, you can attempt to wash it off with a pressure washer, but it's probably best to seek expert advice as soon as possible. Whatever you do, don't attempt to sponge it off, scrub it off as you are likely to make the situation far worse.

Learn more about concrete removal.

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