Connollising Leather Recolouring


If the leather upholstery in your car has seen better days, if it is looking flat, worn or even has minor damage, then you might consider Connollising.

 Named after the Connolly Leather Ltd founded in 1878, it is a technique of recolouring old leather while in place. It can give your upholstery a whole new lease of life.

If the leather still has strength and integrity and isn't so worn that it needs to be replaced, the upholstery can be repainted using special leather dyes and if need be, the more severe cracks and creases can be reduced with special flexible fillers. Unlike the paint on your car's body work, there are no codes are paint formulas for leather, and there are many factors which will dictate it's colour such as the leather used, it's age, use and exposure to sunlight. Therefore the technician carefully matches the colour by eye. Needless to say this is a job which requires great skill and experience and relies on using only the very best materials. 

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