MATRIX Black Ceramic Now Available


We are pleased to announce that New Again are now an Approved Dealer for Matrix Ceramic Coatings.

We used Gary's car as a test car (as it's April 2020 and the country is still in lockdown). He got this car about a month ago and hasn't had any work done to it yet. It still has some small dents and scratches, so it wasn't polished to the nth-degree.

This Volkswagen Golf was given two coats of Matrix Black Ceramic Sealant and the  results were really quite astonishing. We have tried many of the ceramic coatings on the market, and we can say that Matrix stands out as something a bit different. It lives up to its promise of being incredibly hydrophobic, and it is definitely one of the glossiest we have yet seen. 

You'll see lots of Porsches, Ferraris and Aston-Martins being coated, they make for amazing photos. But Ceramic Coatings aren't just for super-cars. It makes sense to glass coat almost any vehicle and if Matrix Black doesn't suit your budget, Matrix Blue is perfect for people who want to keep their car for around three years.

Update May 2021: We have now been applying Matrix car paint protection for just over a year, and both Blue and Black have proved popular. To see some of the cars we've done, please use the hashtags below.

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