Matrix Blue Ceramic Coating | Jaguar F-Type


This is the first car we did with new Matrix Blue. A ceramic coating which is every bit as shiny as Matrix Black.

The car was prepared as you would expect, washed, detailed, clay bar, machine polishing and then cleaned with alcohol to remove any residue from the polishing process. While the car was with us the hood was also cleaned and given a hydrophobic nano-coating. As Kieran mentions, the camera doesn't do it justice, in fact it was so shiny it seemed to give the camera's auto contrast some problems. But you can see just how shiny this car is by comparing it to cars in the background.

Matrix Blue is proving to be one of our most popular Ceramic Coatings as it's a three-year sealant which appeals to people who get a new vehicle every few years. While they own it, it will look wonderful, be easier to clean and when they do trade the vehicle in, they are likely to make their money back on the resale value.  The value of used vehicles depends hugely on the cosmetic appearance of the car, a Ceramic Coating like Matrix Blue will seal in the condition of the paintwork keeping it look like new. We also have a range of nano-coatings to protect carpets, seats and cabriolet hoods.

We highly recommend car paint protection to help your car retain its finish. For more information please see our Ceramic Coatings page or Matrix Blue

Should I ceramic coat my new car?

There's really no better time to do it! Ceramic paint protection seals in your car's freshness. So the fresher it is the better. We can machine polish an older car and make it look like new, but that's a lot of extra work, and it's reflected in the price. 

A ceramic coating will keep your car looking new, so it's still looking great when you come to sell it, meaning you should get your money back. It's never too soon to start saving money.

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