Can I use quick detailer over a ceramic coating?

Yes, you can. Although, they might not be your best option, but it depends on what you are trying to achieve.

 A car wax contains waxes and oils, waxes for protection and longevity, and oils for shine. A quick detail or show shine type product is essentially a product which is heavy on oils and light on waxes.  They tend to be very easy to use, put on a nice shine, but don't last very long, often only days. Depending on the product, they might have other properties, such as a cleaning ability. This is the case with dry-wash type products.

The bottom line is, they shouldn't do your ceramic coating any harm. They might leave a residue build-up, but this would probably wash off.  We wouldn't recommend them for trying to enhance the shine of your ceramic coating, but for "quick detailing" to clean off contaminants between washes, they are a pretty good idea.