Cabriolet Hood Protection

We have a range of hydrophobic and nano-coatings which repel water and help to prevent lichen, moss and grime from adhering to your fabric hood.

Cabriolet/Convertible hoods are tough to keep clean and prone to fading . Fabric hoods usually attract mould and moss while the plastic rear windows often fitted on cabriolet vehicles can become cloudy and scratch easily. Without protection you can expect an unmaintained convertible hood on a cabriolet to last on average around 6-8 years before it will need replacing.

Specialist Cabriolet Roof Cleaning and Restoration

Hoods are usually brought to us for cleaning because the customer has noticed it is looking dirty and green, possibly with yellow or white spots of lichen. Dirt gets into your rood creating a perfect substrate for organic material to grow, but the dirt and grit is its self  abrasive. As your hood is folded away it will rub against the fabric causing those unsightly stripes and will eventually wear holes. It is important to periodically clean your hood thoroughly and re-waterproof it with a new coating to help prevent wear and keep it looking new otherwise it will wear out far faster than the rest of the car. A replacement hood can cost anywhere from £500-£3000 depending on the model. 

Weather Protection & Fabric Hood Proofing

Weather protection with **Renovo Ultra Proofer** & **Max Protect UFC Proofer**
The invisible 'weather proofer' that was applied to your convertible roof at the factory will eventually wear off and needs to replenished with a new waterproof coating. This hydrophobic coating repels water and prevents the fabric becoming wet, ensuring it dries quickly and so won't rot. 

We offer a varied range of convertible hood protection products including Renovo® Ultra Proofer & Max Protect UFC Proofer. These dedicated convertible hood products protect your convertible/cabriolet hood by creating an invisible chemical and waterproof barriers. These barriers prevent discolouration from ingrained dirt, tree sap, bird droppings, road salts and much more from penetrating into the fibres and doing damage to the convertible hood material.
Our hood protection products have a specially developed formula which contains Ultra Violet (UV) inhibitors and agents to prevent mould and mildew and prolongs the life of your soft top whilst maintaining the value of your car.

Our Cleaning Process.

Before Ultra Proofer is applied, your convertible hood is washed and brushed using a variety of specialist tools and hood cleaning products and then the convertible hood is then dried.  Your car will also be given a quick wash so that you won't be collecting a dirty car with a clean roof. This level of service is ideal for most cars that are no more than a few years old where the hood is reasonably free from mould, moss and lichen and for the older, dirtier hoods you may also require a  Hood Machine Clean.

Your hood is cleaned, dried, re-proofed and then dried again and so in normal circumstances you will be required to leave your car with us for a minimum 4 hours. Please be mindful to allow extra time if the weather is unfavourable and experiencing rain as it is vitally important that the hood is properly dried before returning the car to you.

Nano Coatings

We can also provide a two stage  protective and hydrophobic coating which contains antimicrobial agents. The nano particles coat the fibres of your fabric hood providing extended durability.

Convertible Hood Price Menu

We will help you to choose when you are here.

2 Seater Convertible Hood Service Renovo® Prices Nano Prices
Clean/Weather Protection £122.00 £222.00
Machine Clean/Weather Protection £165.00 £265.00
Clean/Recolour/Weather Protection £210.00 £210.00
Machine Clean/Recolour/Weather Protection £255.00 £355.00
2 Plus 2 Convertible Hood Service Renovo® Prices Nano Prices
Clean/Weather Protection £145.00 £245.00
Machine Clean/Weather Protection £209.00 £309.00
Clean/Recolour/Weather Protection £242.00 £342.00
Machine Clean/Recolour/Weather Protection £297.00 £397.00
4 Seater Convertible Hood Service Renovo® Prices Nano Prices
Clean/Weather Protection £165.00 £265.00
Machine Clean/Weather Protection £232.00 £332.00
Clean/Recolour/Weather Protection £265.00 £365.00
Machine Clean/Recolour/Weather Protection £319.00 £419.00
Plastic Window Refurbishing Service Prices
Hand Refinish £22.90
Machine Refinish £45.00
Only available with the services above.  No VAT to be added to our prices.
Kritox Rubber and Neoprene clean and conditioner Prices
Whole Car + pipe-flush and drainage checkup.* £120.00
Roof rubbers/seals + pipe-flush and drainage checkup.* £80.00


*Pipe flush and drainage checkup - If drainage pipes are found to be blocked, we will unblock them if we can. However on some models of cars they might also be missing, broken or damaged due to age, or need dismantling to diagnose the problem. 

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Aquaseal Pro is hydrophobic polymer sealant designed to repel water to help keep your car clean for longer. It provides a long-lasting gloss which is durable and weather resistant.

...or get £60 off any exterior coating.  We have a full range of coatings from 3 months waxes to 8 year ceramic coatings. 

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VIDEO: Why You Need To Restore And Protect Your Cabriolet Roof.


Hood Proofing products will only weather proof the fabric of your convertible hood. They will not stop leaks or fix damage, rips and tears to the hood membrane.
For more information about Water Leaks visit our Water Leak Detection Page.

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