Cabriolet Hood Protection

Cabriolet Hood Protection

We have a range of hydrophobic and nano-coatings which repel water and help to prevent lichen, moss and grime from adhering to your fabric hood.

New Again are convertible roof specialists with over 17 years experience in caring for our customers soft-tops. Without protection and regular cleaning, a cabriolet roof will fade, rot, stain and become worn which could lead to costly replacement.

Protect Your Soft Top with the Very Best Weather Resistant Coatings

Although your hood came from the showroom with a weather-proof coating, it generally only lasts 6-9 months before it wears off and needs to be re-applied. A fabric hood protector has UV protection to prevent your hood from fading, and may have anti-fungal properties to slow the growth of unsightly moss, algae and lichen.

It will also have hydrophobic properties which make water bead up and roll off. And while it is impossible to prevent dirt and grit settling on your roof, clogging it over time, a water repellant coating will help prevent it getting settled into a soggy bed of dirt. It also means your roof will dry quickly and so is less inviting for things to grow.

It will also form a protective barrier against road traffic film, tree sap, oils and bird droppings.

Specialist Cabriolet Roof Cleaning and Restoration

Before a protective coating can be applied, it's essential that the hood is properly cleaned. We have a variety of electric brushes, air tools, and we even have a set-up for drying your hood, all done in a controlled environment. If you have ever tried to clean a hood yourself, you'll know it's hard, time-consuming work. This equipment allows us to clean your hood quickly, efficiently and most of all, safely. 


Renovo Ultra Proofer

Ultra Proofer re-establishes the convertible tops original 'as new' waterproof weather barrier. The recently improved formulation now has the added benefits of UV factor protection and a mould/mildew growth inhibitor to ensure soft tops look like new for longer.

Ultra Proofer will help to prevent the harmful penetration of everyday dirt into the fibres of new and old convertible top material and help to keep it looking fresher for even longer.

It is advised that Renovo Ultra Proofer be re-applied every six months.

Vadervakt 2 Year weather proof coating

Two Year Nano Coating

We can also provide Vädervakt  two stage  protective and hydrophobic coating which contains antimicrobial agents, the nano particles coat the fibres of your fabric hood providing extended durability to up to two years.

This coating goes on thick and contains silicones which make it waxy with an attractive sheen, much like a wax jacket, and has the added benefit of darkening your roof.

Convertible Hood Price Menu

We will help you to choose when you are here.

2 Seater Convertible Hood Protection Renovo® Prices Vädervakt Prices
Clean/Weather Protection £122.00 £222.00
Machine Clean/Weather Protection £165.00 £265.00
Clean/Recolour/Weather Protection £210.00 £210.00
Machine Clean/Recolour/Weather Protection £255.00 £355.00
2 Plus 2 Convertible Hood Protection Renovo® Prices Vädervakt Prices
Clean/Weather Protection £145.00 £245.00
Machine Clean/Weather Protection £209.00 £309.00
Clean/Recolour/Weather Protection £242.00 £342.00
Machine Clean/Recolour/Weather Protection £297.00 £397.00
4 Seater Convertible Hood Protection Renovo® Prices Vädervakt Prices
Clean/Weather Protection £165.00 £265.00
Machine Clean/Weather Protection £232.00 £332.00
Clean/Recolour/Weather Protection £265.00 £365.00
Machine Clean/Recolour/Weather Protection £319.00 £419.00
Plastic Window Refurbishing Service Prices
Hand Refinish £22.90
Machine Refinish £45.00
Only available with the services above.  No VAT to be added to our prices.
Kritox Rubber and Neoprene clean and conditioner Prices
Whole Car + pipe-flush and drainage checkup.* £120.00
Roof rubbers/seals + pipe-flush and drainage checkup.* £80.00


*Pipe flush and drainage checkup - If drainage pipes are found to be blocked, we will unblock them if we can. However on some models of cars they might also be missing, broken or damaged due to age, or need dismantling to diagnose the problem. 

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June Cabriolet Hood Offer

When you buy any Convertible Hood Service

£100 off Autoglym UHDC Ceramic Coating


AutoGlym Waxes and Sealants

We promise you, when you get your car's convertible roof cleaned and reproofed, you'll be so pleased with your car, you'll wish the rest of it was looking so bright and new. We know this from experience. Many of our customers immediately rebook their car in to have their exterior detailed.

We of course encourage this and to sweeten the deal, we are offering £100 off Autoglym Ultra High Definition Ceramic.

The weather can be rough on convertible cars, so if you haven't already had your fabric hood cleaned and reproofed, why not get it done now, and take advantage of this fantastic offer... your car will thank you for it.  

(You don't have to decide right away, offer applies during June or within one week of having your car's roof cleaned and reproofed during June).

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VIDEO: Soft Top Jaguar | Hood Waterproofing



**Important** Waterproofing

Hood Proofing products will only weatherproof the fabric of your convertible hood. They will not stop leaks or fix damage, rips and tears to the hood membrane.
For more information about Water Leaks, visit our Water Leak Detection Page

How often should I re-waterproof my hood?

You need to do it when it needs doing, when your roof no longer repels water. If you touch your hood and the fabric is sopping wet, then that's the time. If you have just had your hood re-waterproofed by us, feel the hood after a downpour, you'll see there is a little water on it, but it isn't soaking in. It's practically dry.

How long does Renovo Ultra Proofer last?

According to Renovo, it's 6 months. We suspect it lasts a little longer, but it depends. The problem is that your hood is still going to get covered in dust and dirt, and so it will need cleaning. We recommend a good clean every six months, prepare it for the winter, then prepare it for the summer. Any soaps you use that are strong enough to remove the dirt are also going to remove the coating. 
However, you are going to have to give the hood a good clean regardless of what coating you put on, and with that done it's easy to apply another coating yourself. Most people come to us, not because they want a coating, but because they haven't cleaned their roof in a long time, and they need a professional service to get it properly cleaned. Once we have helped you restore your hood, you can save money by maintaining it yourself. ...or bring it to us, we don't mind!

Can you repair convertible roofs?

We are able to repair some minor holes, although not invisibly. Often this is enough to get you by for another year.
If you have rips or big holes, then usually they can't be repaired. Even if you get the roof off, you can't put it on a sewing machine. There are plenty of companies that make 'pattern' roofs as replacements, and there are plenty more companies who will fit them for you.  It isn't cheap, but there is great demand for this service, because so many hoods are neglected.

Why does the water no longer bead up on my hood?

Don't worry, it isn't because it's no longer waterproof. This beading up effect usually only lasts a couple of weeks, and then you will have dirt and dust on the hood. It might be hard to see, but it's there, and it will break that surface tension. Instead of the water beading up, it will just soak through and out the other side. 

Will re-proofing stop the leaks?

Unless you have something like an old Triumph where the hood is just a sheet of canvas, then the fabric hood is just a decorative coating -- the waterproofing is a rubber membrane underneath. So reproofing does nothing to fix a leaking roof. However, it's highly likely that your  leak is due either to the drainage channels blocked or the rubbers being dirty or deformed and not making a waterproof seal. This is a service we can provide.

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